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Apr 26 , 2016


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Did you know that changing your HVAC filter can help improve the efficiency of your HVAC equipment up to 15%?  You heating and cooling unit makes up approximately 50% of

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Mar 08 , 2016

The temperature is heating up early this year in Southern Arizona. Did you know that 54% of your utility bill is from heating and cooling your home? Right now you might

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Feb 17 , 2016

Now you can receive instant rebates on air conditioners, heat pumps and duct system sealing from TEP when you hire Family Air for your cooling and heating needs. The following

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Jan 20 , 2016

There are a variety of ways to protect and improve your indoor air quality. The 3 basic strategies to improve indoor air quality are as follows: Source Control The most

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Dec 02 , 2015

The average life span of a furnace is approximately 20 to 30 years, however if your unit is over 15 years old it is probably a good idea to review

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Oct 18 , 2015

Sure the weather is still warm in October but you should not wait until the cold weather arrives to maintain your furnace. Through preparing your furnace for winter requires a

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Sep 15 , 2015

SEER measures the ratio of cooling capacity to power input, and the higher the rating, the more efficient the air conditioner. SEER ratings have gradually increased in recent years, so

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Aug 30 , 2015

When is it time to replace? Energy Star lists the following telltale signs that indicate that it is time for you to consider replacing your heating and cooling equipment, or

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Jul 07 , 2015

Excerpt from This Old House Magazine article on “Air Conditioners Really are Getting Better” by Max Alexander   All in the Sizing No matter how efficient your air conditioner is,

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Jun 02 , 2015