Here are the reasons why it is important for you to hire a licensed contractor:
Warranties and System Safety
Manufacturer warranties are only reimbursed if work is performed by a licensed contractor. It is important for you to ask out how long the contractor or the business they work for has been licensed and certified to perform warranty work.
Personal safety
Make sure the contractor has a proper id badge and uniform.  Unlicensed contractors have been linked to crimes.  You can pre-check if a worker is licensed by going to
Worker safety
Ask if the worker is covered under an insurance policy or worker’s compensation.  If not, you could be responsible if the worker injures themselves on your property.
Unlicensed contractors do not have to abide by any laws, they are not actively pursued by the law because they are hard to find and they do not pay worker’s compensation or insurance to their workers.
They may provide you with a bid that is cheaper, but it is far from better.   For your personal peace of mind and a better investment, always use a licensed contractor.
We are licensed!
Family Air Heating and Cooling is a licensed and insured HVAC contractor.  Sometimes our technicians are called to homes were the previous service work was done by an unlicensed worker and their equipment failed.   The homeowner was unable to locate the unlicensed worker and ends up calling us to repair their poor work.   We guarantee our work and the warranty on the equipment we install.  Call us today to schedule an appointment at 520-399-5850.

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