Benefits of Replacing your Air Filter

As many of us struggle to keep up with the day-to-day chaos in our households, adding something else to the ‘to-do list’ can be a bit overwhelming. At Family Air, we are here to make that ‘to-do list’ a bit easier by helping you understand why replacing your HVAC filter is important and how to do it.
Why is replacing your air filter essential to the life span of your HVAC unit?
Your air filter is the area where particles first meet. Without a filtration system, the particles go directly to your blower motor, coil and eventually duct work. After time, the particles build up and begin to block air flow causing restriction and cooling issues. HVAC systems that run with constant restriction are proven to have a shorter life span and more failures over time.
Filters are, for the most part, easy to replace. They are located in the system itself, with an access door, or behind a grill in either your ceiling or wall. Simply take the old filter out and replace it with the same size, making sure that the arrows on the new filter are pointing towards the direction of the airflow. You can typically find the size needed on the side of the filter. Your local hardware store should carry most sizes, but if getting out and shopping is not for you, try a delivery service.
So, why not add filter replacement to your monthly ‘to-do list’ and enjoy finishing your list in a cool house.

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