How you can lower the humidity in your home

It’s no longer a dry heat in the desert! The monsoons bring much needed rain but they also the dreaded humidity. While you can’t control the humidity outside there are some ways to control the humidity in your home to keep you comfortable.

    1. Houseplants – plants release moisture in the air so if you have a lot of plants around your house, the moisture can accumulate. Also, don’t overwater them and consider switching them to be outside during humid months.
    2. Gutters – make sure your gutters are clean and carrying water away from your home’s foundation. Even though your gutters are outside, excess water that builds up at the foundations can seep into your home.
    3. Windows – if you have old windows, moisture from outside can build up in your home. Adding weather stripping and caulking on the outside and inside of the window can help. If you see moisture coming between the panes, its best to replace them.
    4. Ventilation- areas like the kitchen and bathroom experience the most moisture. Cracking a window when showering or cooking as well as running the exhaust fans can help lower the humidity. Taking a shorter and colder shower helps as well and cools you off quicker too!

We hope these suggestions help. You only have a couple of more months to go before the humidity goes away on its own!

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