Do you need an AC Tune up? 

Here are the signs:
We are going to have a hot summer so it makes sense to get your AC unit tuned up this month before the triple digits hit.  There is nothing worse than flipping on the AC switch and experiencing problems.  Here are some common AC problems that can be trouble-shooted by an AC tune up:

  • The AC vents are outputting a weak airflow – if the air is cool but is not blowing out very well you may have a clogged filter or leaky air duct.
  • There are unusual sounds coming from your AC – if your system is old you know the way it sounds normally. If it starts to sound strange, you need a tune up ASAP to identify and fix the source of these sounds.
  • Your AC is blowing warm air – if your system is running for a long period and not providing cool air your energy bills will suffer.
  • You have a difference in room temperatures from room to room – you need a tech to look at the inner workings of your AC unit to determine the cause.
  • You smell a mold-like odor and you notice an increase in humidity in your home – this can indicate a leaky or blocked compressor/drain tube.

Contact Family Air today at 520-399-5850 for our $85 AC tune up special to make sure your AC is working efficiently and keeping in cool comfort throughout our summer!

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