Get Your AC Ready for Summer

Spring is here and summer is coming quickly so you want to be prepared when you do turn your AC on for the first time of the season.   Here are some things you can do beforehand:

  • Change your air-filter – This is the easiest thing to do, but more often than not people do not change them out often enough. Ideally, they should be replaced once a month for maximum efficiency.
  • Check the condensation lines – the pipe that carries condensation away from your air conditioner can get clogged and back up into your unit. Locate where the pipe drains and check to see if it is draining properly.  If they aren’t, use an algaecide found at pool supply stores or call us to clean.
  • Install a programmable thermostat – these are pretty easy to install and help cut down on your electric bill since you are only using energy when your family is at home.
  • Clean your AC fins – Use a soft brush and gently run the brush across each fin carefully so you don’t bend the metal. This will help your AC run better.
  • Check your ductwork for leaks – look for disconnected joints, separated pieces and small holes in your ductwork. Leaky ducts make your AC unit work harder.

If you do the above steps and your AC still isn’t working properly, call us for a checkup!

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