Get your AC Ready for Summer

The temperature is heating up early this year in Southern Arizona. Did you know that 54% of your utility bill is from heating and cooling your home? Right now you might be enjoying low utility bills, but summer days are coming, and you need to be prepared!
Here are some tips:

Clean or Replace the Filters

Clean or replace your filters on a monthly basis. If you don’t, air flow will be restricted which will reduce efficiency and you will be recirculating dust into your home. Your allergies will thank you!

Clean the A/C Condenser Coils

A central air conditioner’s condenser unit is essentially a large fan in a metal box with sides that look like grilles. If debris has gotten inside your unit, dirt is probably clogging the coils. Anything that obstructs the flow of air will cut down your condenser’s efficiency, so it is important to clean the coils at the beginning of every cooling season.

Check the Coolant Lines

The refrigerant tubes or pipes that run from the evaporator on the air handler to the condenser outside are typically covered with foam coolant line insulation to prevent them from losing energy. If you have areas where the insulation is frayed or missing, you need to replace it with either foam insulation sleeves or by wrapping the lines in a spiral fashion with foam insulation tape.

Test the Unit

If your A/C unit isn’t running properly, please contact us at Family Air.
Tips taken from Don Vandervolt’s article on

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