High Electric Bills?

I’m sure many of us have opened our electric bill in Tucson and thought turn off the AC, this is outrageous! That is where Family Air comes in. We can provide you with tips that can help you save bundles. 
To start off, we recommend changing your filter at least once every month. Although, if you have pets and are in an area with high dirt and dust, we recommend checking it monthly. This will not only help on your electric bill, it will provide better air flow and provide you with a better running efficient system.
We know that some systems are just at that point where they are out dated and are running harder and harder by the day. We have many new high efficient systems that we can provide you with, that will fit your best needs and keep your wallet fat and lower your electric bill.
At Family Air we know that times are hard and that’s why we make the effort to provide you with not just quality systems but quality service as well. So give us a call at (520) 369-3445 and let us handle your comfort!

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