How do I find my A/C unit’s SEER rating?

SEER measures the ratio of cooling capacity to power input, and the higher the rating, the more efficient the air conditioner. SEER ratings have gradually increased in recent years, so you might find great value in replacing your 10 year-old system with a more efficient and newer model. Even new entry-level models are much more efficient than standard models of decades past.
Nationwide, EPA standards require all air conditioners manufactured after the first of January 2015 to have a minimum rating of 14 SEER.  Prior to that, all systems had to achieve at least a 13 SEER rating.
The federal Energy Guide label can help you determine your current unit’s SEER rating at a glance. It will be prominently displayed, along with a range comparing it to other units.  If you are thinking about purchasing a new unit, the Department of Energy offers online energy efficiency calculators to help you forecast how much money you will save on energy costs with equipment that carries a different SEER ratings.

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