Is Your Furnace Noisy?

Scary sounds should not be coming from your furnace. Here are some of the reasons you are hearing these noises and what they may mean:
Boom or thump: These noises usually happen when the ducts in your furnace expand and contract in cold weather. The sound may mean that your furnace has dirty burners or is getting a build-up of gas from delayed ignition.
Rumbling or rattling: The rumbling noise may be caused by a buildup of grime on the heating elements which causes the unit to strain. The worst-case scenario for this sound is that you have a leak in the heater’s exchanger which can allow carbon monoxide gasses to work their way into your home.
Screeching sound: Never a pleasant sound to say the least, your furnace makes this sound when the motor or blower wheel of the fan is turned on. You most likely have a faulty motor, belt or motor bearing which you definitely need to get your furnace looked at and fixed.
It is best to get your furnace checked if it is making any of the above noises to make sure your family is safe, and your home is comfortable. Call Family Air today for your heater inspection and recommendations. We guarantee our work and the warranty on the equipment we install. Schedule an appointment at 520-399-5850.

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