Sep 30 , 2014


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Summer is almost here so it is time to get your AC unit serviced before the heat is on in Tucson. Give Family Air a call today. At Family Air we do one thing and do it well. We do heating and cooling in Tucson!

Sep 22 , 2014


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At Family Air LLC we are licensed, bonded and insured. We give you the Peace of Mind that we will take care of all your cooling needs. Whether you have an Air Conditioning unit, swamp cooler, or wall unit, our technicians are trained in all areas to ensure you receive the highest level of satisfaction. We encourage you to give us a call, even if your unit is cooling; it’s never a bad thing to make sure your unit is working at its highest efficiency. So go ahead call us at 520-369-3445 and let us take care of you and your family’s comfort! We service Tucson and all surrounding areas

Sep 10 , 2014


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Many people don’t realize the importance of maintaining a clean filter in there heater and ac units. Once your filter becomes clogged it lowers the air flow that you feel throughout your home. It as well makes your system work harder to maintain the temperature that is most comfortable for you. When your system has to work harder, that means your electric bill rises. There have been cases where a filter can get so clogged the system malfunctions and starts a house fire. So why not take the extra time to change your filter once a month. We recommend if you have multiple indoor pets to check it twice a week and give it a shake outside. You will notice you have better air flow and a more efficient working system. If you have any questions give Family Air LLC a call where “Your Comfort Is Our Responsibility”.

Aug 14 , 2014


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The cold is here! It’s time to get the heater running and your air conditioning powered down. With temperatures lowering by the day it’s important to get your heater checked by a licensed contractor to ensure that it won’t break down during the holidays, nobody wants angry in-laws! So pick up the phone and give Family Air a ring at 520-399-5850. Make sure to do it soon to guarantee your winter special at only $39.99. (Good to only December 31st, 2012) Don’t forget to mention this ad! Happy Holidays from all of us here at Family Air where “Your comfort is our responsibility.”

Jul 24 , 2014


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The cold has yet to come! At Family Air we recommend getting your heater checked, new or old, to ensure not only the best performance, but as well as the highest safety factor. Our first priority is to ensure comfort, and what better way then to make sure your furnace is not producing carbon monoxide. Call us at 520-399-5850 and dont forget to ask about our $39.99 heater check up special!

Jun 04 , 2014


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Deadly Gas

When you call Family Air for your yearly heater check-up, the highly qualified, trained, and experienced Tucson HVAC technicians will evaluate your system, identify any problems, and provide you with a detailed estimate prior to beginning any air conditioning and heating repair services. Regular check-ups can ensure that your system is operating at peak performance and can also save you money on your cooling and heating bills. They’ll also check to see whether the heater is emitting a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide.

Check Your Detectors

In addition, for homeowners who have their own carbon monoxide (CO) detectors (available at hardware stores), Family Air’s technicians will check the detector to be sure it’s still doing its job. If not, it’s time for a new one.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is toxic to humans and animals when encountered in higher concentrations. A faulty heater can release CO, with deadly consequences.

Some signs of CO poisoning are headaches, nausea, tiredness, confusion and dizziness. But it’s easy to mistake these symptoms for something else, and by the time they’re noticeable, CO poisoning may be advanced. Better to check your heater and be sure it’s safe.

Time to Change Filters

Family Air’s owner, James Beard, also reminds homeowners to change their heater and cooler filters at least once a month. If filters aren’t changed often enough, the heater can crack – leading to carbon monoxide emission and poor performance.

Complete Check-Up

Family Air’s technicians will go over all parts of your cooler or furnace. They’ll look for shorts, bad wiring, worn parts and anything else that’s wrong. They’ll get it into shape or, if it’s worn out, they’ll help you find a new one.

Be Safe. Call Today

Call Family Air at 399-5850 for a no-cost consultation. It will make your home warmer (or cooler), more energy-efficient, and safe from fires and CO poisoning.

May 24 , 2014


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There are many things that go into selecting a reputable contractor. First, are they professional? Do they have vehicles with their name proudly displayed? Are the employees wearing uniforms with the company name displayed? Are they registered with the Registrar of Contractors? Are they members of the Better Business Bureau?How long have they been in business? Do they have any complaints with these institutions? Get references.This is extremely important. Make sure they have plenty of insurance. No one would ever intentionally hire someone with the expectation of having to file a claim, but imagine that if there was a problem, and they didn’t have the right amount, if any coverage.What would you do? Whoever you choose, make sure that you feel comfortable with them.

Mar 14 , 2014


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Of the many items that tend to go unnoticed air ducts definitely make the list. While you do your regular spring cleaning of the garage, basement and yard, your air ducts are generally not thought of. Other than the occasional vacuuming of the vents most people do not realize that the air systems and vents play a large role in the air quality within their home.

When an air duct gets clogged it can place a strain on your heating and cooling system. This not only reduces the performance of the system but also its filtration. Heating and cooling can end up costing you far more than necessary. It also can wear out a good system before its time.

If your venting system is not cleaned periodically, the ducts can become obstructed with deposits of debris. This build up may contain mold or mildew. Having these things develop within the air ducts can create a hazardous situation for you and your family. Since the air ducts are meant to provide the circulation throughout the home having a buildup of mold or mildew can cause your family to have serious health consequences if not addressed. Your family could actually be breathing in these harmful spores causing breathing problems such as the development of asthma or bronchitis.

Another concern over a clogged air duct is the possibility of a fire. Ducts that are free of debris are safe but an air duct obstructed with a buildup of dust, particles, bacteria and fungi can create the right conditions for a potential fire.

Occasionally even in the cleanest of homes a rodent can get into the duct work and become trapped. Unfortunately you will not know this until there is an awful smell running through your home. This is harmful not only because there is a decaying animal in the vent but also your family is now breathing the nasty odor in. It will clog the duct and force your heating and cooling system to work overtime.

Liquids spill and often they happen around or near your heating vents. Also if you have pets they too can have an accident or two. Once liquid gets into the vents in can travel until it reaches debris and then saturate whatever is in the duct. This can cause the smell to travel through your home. The liquid combined with the debris can create unsanitary conditions.

These are only a few of the top reasons why you should clean your air ducts. Since they are a complicated web of vents, it is recommended to have a professional cleaning company come in and handle the task.

Dec 10 , 2013


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From American Standard You don’t have to start over with your home’s HVAC system to consume less energy and enjoy a more comfortable home. The easiest fix of them all is a new, programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostats, also known as programmable controls, can have a significant impact not only for your home’s energy consumption, but also for you. It’s hands-free comfort, and allows you to enjoy your home without running to the control every time the weather outside changes. During winter months, you can save as much as 3 percent* of heating costs for each degree your thermostat is lowered. In the summer, cooling costs are cut up to 6 percent* per each degree you raise the thermostat. A programmable control will automatically adjust temperatures throughout the day, ensuring greater energy efficiency and enhanced comfort. Some control models even allow homeowners to pre-program desired temperatures for specific times of day. You can save costs by easily adjusting the heating and cooling settings for times when you’re waking up, leaving for work, sleeping or going on vacation.

*Potential energy savings may vary depending on your lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, local climate, home construction and installation of equipment and duct system. To find out how much you can save on energy costs in your area, ask us for details. Call today 520-399-5850

Nov 26 , 2013


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With the passage of President Obama’s Economic Stimulus Bill, homeowners may be eligible for a tax credit if they purchase certain types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, water heating equipment, or make other energy-related improvements to their homes between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2011. As a leader in producing energy-efficient home comfort solutions, American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning offers many products that are eligible under this law. Depending on the type of system or product purchased, it is possible to qualify for a tax credit of up to $1,500 on your 2009 or 2010 income tax return or up to $500 on your 2011 income tax return. Read on to learn how the government’s tax credit program works, which American Standard products or systems are eligible and how to apply for a tax credit.


On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (also known as the Economic Stimulus Bill) into law. This legislation combines spending and tax incentives designed to get the American economy moving again by investing in our nation’s roads and energy infrastructure, and by providing incentives for increasing the efficiency and performance of America’s homes and commercial buildings.


For qualified improvements, homeowners may be able to claim tax credits equal to 10 percent of the installed costs (up to $500 maximum*). The extended tax credit is in effect for all qualifying systems and products installed during the 2011 calendar year and expires on December 31, 2011. The tax credit applies as a direct reduction of taxes owed. In the past, IRS has directed taxpayers to use Form 5695 (the Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit). It is expected that the IRS will produce new rules related to the recently enacted stimulus legislation, giving taxpayers further guidance on claiming tax credits. To fully understand how the new tax credit may apply to you and what you can do to obtain one, you should consult with a tax professional. Subject to IRS regulations. Customers should consult a tax professional for advice on tax preparation.

Qualified products or systems installed during 2009 and 2010 may also qualify for a tax credit equal to 30 percent of the installed costs (up to $1,500).


American Standard is committed to meeting the needs of homeowners in a very dynamic environment. Your local American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning dealer can familiarize you with our broad range of energy-efficient solutions. To find a dealer near you, click here.


Some, but not all, of American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s products may qualify for the tax credit. Click on one of the following links to see if your American Standard product or system qualifies:

Your local dealer can help you determine product model numbers if necessary.

To download and print the government’s summary of Energy Star products that are are eligible for HVAC credits for homeowners, click here.

*$300 maximum for a qualifying air conditioning system, heat pump or packaged system, $150 maximum for a qualifying furnace, and $50 maximum for a qualifying product with an advanced circulating fan.

Call us today at Family Air (520) 399-5850 and we can help you pick the system that’s right for you!

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