Customer Testimonials

Dear Family Air Team,

I wish to say thank you for your hard work. I am a firefighter who was on shift and received a frantic call from my wife that our AC went out in the middle of the night. Our home was getting steadily warmer and she was having a hard time keeping our 4-month old son cool. Unfortunately in my profession we cannot simply take time off whenever we need it to run home for these kind of things, so I began to call around instead. One of your technicians, Mark, called me and showed up at around 6 pm on Sunday to start work on our unit. He looked around, found the problem and worked with the supplies available to fix our improperly installed unit. Mark was kind and easy going, he was open to answering my questions and even showed me a few things about my AC.

To go a step further; Mark also helped me neighbor who’s AC went out on Friday. While he was packing up my neighbor struck up a conversation and Mark did a quick look on their system and helped them determine the problem the same night which was nice because they still had a while before anyone else was available to come out.

Overall, I just wanted to say thank you for being willing to work during weekends and evenings when other companies were pushing us off to other days. Mark did a great job and was a fantastic representative of your company and we all appreciate it. Thank you.


Dear Family Air,

My wife works out of the house and we had Evap Cooling in our home. As you might imagine, after last summer’s record heat, that she swore if we didn’t switch over to A/C, I was going to be a lonely man with my Evap cooling!!! ¬†Family Air to the rescue…I contacted them through Yelp, Kurt called, made an appointment to come review the existing set up, took about 45 minutes to examine and come up with SIX options for us. Two days later, we made our decision and called Kurt. He came out the next day and we signed the agreement. I asked him when we would be scheduled for installation, he told us they could begin the following Monday at 8:00 am.

Monday morning came and Kurt, Steve and James all showed up on time. Kurt showed Steve and James what we had ordered and requested and BAM off to work they went. (I should add, that I forgot to take my Harley out of the garage to give them better access, and they were so careful not to even rub against it…so I’m REALLY thankful.) They finished the job at about 5:00 pm, gave us a thorough walk through on the system, cleaned up the site and even moved the Evap Cooler around to the back of my lot so I could use it in one of my garages!! (They’ll be back to install that too- they just don’t know it yet!!!)

Well, needless to say, we are extremely happy with Family Air and I won’t have to be a lonely man with Evap for the rest of my days!!! Great Job to everyone involved, great team effort and now we (I) can live in peace!!

– Rick T.