Should I run my HVAC fan continuously?

To run or not to run the HVAC fan has been a debate among the industry.  Here are the pros and cons:
The pros to keeping the fan on:

  1. Creates a more even distribution of heating and cooling by circulating the air especially if you hot or cold spots in rooms of your house
  2. When the fan has less starts and stop it will help reduce the amount of stress on your unit and help extend the fan’s lifespan
  3. If you have allergies, leaving the fan on will result in cleaner air since the air is pulled through the filtration system

The cons to keeping the fan on:

  1. You will be spending more money on energy costs since the average unit has a 500 watt fan about the same energy level as a refrigerator.
  2. You may be running your AC more in the summer more since the ducts close to your walls can fill with warm air which results in the fan blowing hot air into your house.
  3. In the winter time, you may feel cold air coming out of your events.
  4. Keeping the fan on will clog your furnace filter quicker which means you will need to change your filter more often.

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