TEP Efficient Home Program

Improve the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your house by taking advantage of the TEP Efficient Home Program incentives.  It’s easy!  Just call Family Air ~ a participating contractor and request a heat pump/air conditioner efficiency screening.
Family Air will perform an efficiency screening on your existing equipment and confirm in writing the TEP rebates you are eligible for.  We will inspect your duct system and perform certain specified repairs to ensure the air you heat and cool stays inside your home. In homes where significant duct leakage is detected, additional incentives may be available for repairs not included under the installation of new equipment.
When you elect to replace your existing equipment with qualifying new equipment and have your ducts sealed, Family Air will use a CheckMe!® computer diagnostics to confirm a proper installation with the correct refrigerant charge and air flow.
Your TEP Efficient Home Program rebate will be provided by your participating contractor as a line-item credit at the time of invoicing.
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