Tips to keep cool this summer

The triple digit temperatures are upon us.  How are you going to survive another summer of blazing heat?  Your home has lots of items that create heat and contribute to slowing down the cooling process. Wherever possible, eliminate these heat sources:

  • Appliances: Your fridge and freezer need to be on 24/7, but try not to use the dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer during the hottest part of the day. These are big heat makers!
  • Cooking: Using the oven or range can increase your room temperature by several degrees. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy salads and sandwiches and your outdoor BBQ!
  • Computers and Screens:Keeping your computer on all the time may be convenient, but it adds heat to the room. Make sure you shut them down when you’re done working to help keep your room cool and you’ll lower your electric bill at the same time!
  • Light Bulbs:All sources of light give off some heat, so shut the ones off when not in the room. Switch your light bulbs to CFLs or LEDs if you haven’t already done so for more energy savings.
  • Sunlight:  Sun shining in your windows really heats things up during the day. This is especially true of south and west facing windows. Consider using insulated curtains or blinds to add a layer of protection against the sun’s rays.

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