How to reduce your energy bills

Heating your home makes up for approximately 70% of your household energy consumption.  Here are some easy ways that you can reduce your consumption and lower your bills:

  • Close your curtains when it gets dark. Your curtains provide another layer of insulation and keep rooms warmer.   The opposite is true as well so make sure curtains are open during the day to capture the sun.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. You don’t want to pay for heat when you don’t need it.  The following temps are recommended from “This Old House”
    • 6am-9am 68 degrees
    • 9am-6pm 60 degrees
    • 6pm-11pm 68 degrees
    • 11pm-6am 60 degrees
  • Make sure your hot water tank is properly insulated. This will keep the water warmer for longer and reduce heating costs.
  • Block out draughts in your windows and doors by using a self-adhesive rubber seal.  Caulking can become your best friend!
  • Wood burning fireplaces is extremely inefficient for heating your home. The heated air goes up the chimney and the cold air is pushed into the house elsewhere.  Remember to keep the flue closed when the fireplace is not in use, it is basically like having an open window.
  • Set your ceiling fans clockwise to push heat back down into your rooms.
  • Make sure furniture is not blocking vents which could cause air pressure issues.
  • Add layers to your wood and tile floors with rugs or roll of carpet.

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